New Name, Same Maverick

May 13, 2010




“Ah, now that’s more like it.”


*That’s a bit pretentious don’t you think?*

“How do you get pretentious from a title that begins with Rambling?”

*Not the title, the sound effects. You didn’t build anything, you just clicked an edit button.*

“Hey, building a webpage takes a lot of work!”

*Only because you couldn’t be bothered to click the Support option*

“Look, I’m trying to create a mood here, okay?”

*Yeah, I’m sure your two regulars are real impressed with the end result.”

“Look, if you can’t offer anything constructive…”

*Fine, whatever, I’m going to go watch Daria.*

“How can you watch Daria? I’m not watching Daria.”

*I’m your subconscious, Hemingway, anything you’ve experienced I’ve got on OnDemand.*


*Must ever thought you have end up in the gutter?*

“I’m a guy.”


So yeah, I’ve changed the title of my blog. LostMaverick’s Tales just sounded too awkward and clumsy. This is much more my style and a lot sleeker too. For those of you wondering, I started using the title Lost Maverick back in college when I was first getting started online. I wanted to call myself the Lost Highwayman since I kept getting lost on the highway driving back home, but the name was already taken and Maverick was the closest thing I could come up with. Keeping checking this spot; I’ll post some actual content soon 😉

Okay, Let’s Try This Again

May 11, 2010

“…I want your love and I want your revenge you and me could have a bad romance…”

*Man I love Lady Gaga, I don’t care what anybody says. Okay, enough stalling, its way past time to clean out my hotmail account. Geez, 1600 saved emails!? Okay, what can I get rid of here? Hmm…Facebook update that Claire is out of ice cream…toss that…Twitter update that someone new is following me account…don’t need that. Christina Smith? Can’t remember who that is, so I don’t need her. WordPress? What is…oh, right, my blog. Geez, I wonder if it’s still there.


*Huh, how about that, still here. I probably should just delete it. It’s not like I even use it. I’m sure my two followers will understand. Okay, now how…oh new email! Wonder who it’s…*

“Holy crap, She Wolf of London is out on DVD!? Oh man, that is awesome. Finally! I have to tell….”

*Crap, there is no one I know who’s heard of this show. Hell, I bet half the internet doesn’t even know what it is. Man, something cool to geek out to and I have to do it alone. Unless…*

“I could blog about it.”

*Oh no, we’ve been here before. You have all these great plans and then you never follow through.”

“Well, maybe I could start out small. One or two blogs a week and we will see how that goes.”

*Uh huh, and how long before you get lazy and loose interest again?. Remember those vlogs you wanted to post on YouTube?*

“Well, I’ll just force myself, like how I’m doing with getting back into shape. That’s starting to work.”

*Yeah, but that’s so you can look hot for the derby chicks. You’re not going to impress anybody with this.*

“Oh what do you know?”

*I’m your internal monologue, genius, I know everything you know. Which Doctor Who episode is your favorite, who you have a crush on, the timetable for the Galactic Empire invasion…*

“Wait, what?”

*Er..hey look, a commercial for the next Doctor Who episode!*

“What? Oh awesome! This episode is going to rock so hard! Sorry, what were we talking about?”

*Uh, that you should start blogging again. At least to see if it’s something you want to try and make a habit of.”

“Right, okay, let’s do it! At the very least, I can get some of my friends interested in my nerdy interest.”

*Might as well, I’ve got nothing to do until December  2012*



And so it begins…again. Probably.

And Here We Go…

February 5, 2010

*Hmm, so how the heck do I use this thing? Ah, okay here is the edit button so if I just do this…*

 Hello, and welcome to the newest blog on WordPress. I’m your host, Lost Maverick.

 *Ugh, that was lame; Doogie Howser made this look so much easier. Maybe I should just skip the introduction and go straight to blogging. (sigh) No, that would look stupid. Come on Joe, if you could b.s. your way through 4 years of A.P. English, you can post a couple of paragraphs on the internet.*

 I’ve always toyed with the idea of having a blog, but one thing or another has always distracted from actually sitting down and writing one. Then a couple of weeks ago I started chatting with two bloggers who insisted that I should write one as well. After much persistence I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. So ladies, this first entry is dedicated to you!

 *And if no one ends up liking it, they will know who to blame.*

 For now I think the theme of the blog will be reviews of those shows and literature I like that aren’t necessarily well known by mainstream America. As time goes by I may expand more on my life and other interests, but for now I’ll go with the old adage “write what you know.”

 *Cause God knows I couldn’t write a dating column to save my life.*

 So, hope I’ve peeked your interest and stay tuned for more of Lost Maverick’s Tales.

 *Yeah, that title’s not awkward at all. Man, I wish Lost Highwayman wasn’t already taken. Eh, it’s good enough for now. Okay, now how do I post this thing? Ah, here we go. Shit, I forgot to delete my notes! Wait, stop don’t….*

 Damn 😛